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Congratulations On Yet Another Graduation

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Dear son (or daughter, as the case may be). But to be quite frank with you, this is why your mother and I are so proud of you. You remember the day you graduated from high school? You remember the feelings you had about that big day? You felt as free as a bird and you also felt that now you could do anything you set your heart and mind to. As they say, the world is your oyster.

graduation party planner

And so it is that you choose to go higher and further than you have ever done in your entire life. Well, so far, it’s still a short one, and there’s still such a long way to go.

My my, it’s been how many years already? Time sure does fly. And it’s been how many graduations already? Surely by now, you should be celebrating it. After all, you’re about to become a doctor, or a lawyer, a corporate raider even.

And you’re paying your way. So, to celebrate your highest qualification yet, and because you can now pay your way, by quite a mile by now, you can just as well hire your own graduation party planner. Because while you’re still going over your articles, or polishing your new surgical tools, this is one of those jobs that talented you simply does not have the wherewithal to put together.

It could not have been helped. All those years of studying and who’s got time to plan a party. So, while you’ve got bigger things coming up for you, give this ‘little’ job over to someone who just loves to have a gas. These are the folks who are so glad to find any old excuse just to have a party. But in your case, this is no ordinary party.